6 Reasons To Own A Home


The feeling of owning your own home is unmatched. You can fix it up,
make it your own, get a dog, or plant a tree if you want. Doesn’t that sound exciting!

Tax Savings

The government rewards homeowners by providing excellent tax
benefits. The interest paid on your mortgage and other home-related expenses can
generally be deducted from your income.


Home values have a well-documented history of going up over time.
This increase becomes equity you can benefit from when you refinance or sell.


Renting has often been compared to paying 100% interest, but when you own
a home and a mortgage is in place, a portion of your payment goes toward the principal
balance on your loan. This builds your equity and acts as a savings account.


People who own rather than rent stay in their homes 4 times longer. This
provides an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and connect with your local


Research shows children of homeowners earn higher test scores and
graduate at a higher percentage than those of renters.